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Our People

Kristina RuncimanOn October 27, 1990 at 3 am owner Kristina Runciman was given a dream in which an idea for a business was presented. Despite having no money, two tiny children and little experience in the gift industry, Kristina proceeded, knowing that dreams like this don't happen very often. The initial paper products sold slowly, allowing her to homeschool her kids and learn as the business grew.

In 1997 Kristina discovered flat glass gems, and wondered how words could be applied to them. Uncovering that secret took two years and thousands of dollars, but a suitable process was discovered. After that, business exploded, there were eight employees in the house, and the kids went to school. On the first day of the new millenium, Lifeforce Glass moved into its own building. In 2006, after suffering through a series of hurricanes, the Runciman family and three employees moved from Florida to Tennessee. The 5,000 sq ft building they bought could not be more perfect. When she's not working, Kristina practices yoga, spoils her dog, Bella, cooks, gardens and learns continuously. She is interested in creating a more spiritual, environmentally-sustainable life. When absolutely necessary, she does housework.

Katie RuncimanKatie Calhoun was two years old when Lifeforce was born, so she's been involved in every process of the business to some degree her whole life. Recently married, Katie is currently on family leave with the adorable baby Liam.

Tom Runciman came into the business in 2001 when Kristina made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Tom takes care of all of us; he's the one to go to for health, car and financial advice. Tom prints, tracks down overdue accounts and maintains the building. Lifeforce Glass would not exist if it wasn't for Tom. We have been through some very sad and scary times and Tom remains the one we all rely on. Only a very lucky few have ever talked to him on the phone. He does not want his picture on this website.

Wes Cuthrellwes-with-dogs.jpg started working with us in June of 2013 and already has mastered pad printing, engraving, shrink wrapping and quality assurance. He's eager and quick to learn and is making himself irreplacable. Possibly his most outstanding quality is that of Dog Whisperer. Our Bella "talks" to him and no one else. He's taught her the few tricks she knows and has provided her with a best friend, Marley. Wes is an avid disc golfer and has the trophies to prove it.