Clearance Seabeans

When you read the information below, you might ask, "Why on earth aren't you carrying these anymore?" The easy answer is that they are not uniform in size and therefore we can't print them with our digital printer. They were also pretty labor intensive, and we had trouble with the distributor. They're so cool, though, and we sold thousands of them a few years ago. Here's the Sea Bean story that I wrote when we first introduced them:

Sea Beans are seeds of the Monkey Ladder Vine, which grows in Central and South America and Africa. It has the largest seed pod in the world. The seeds fall out of the pod onto the forest floor. They are washed into streams, then rivers and then out to sea. Because they float, Sea Beans travel all around the world, carried by the current. Eventually they wash up on beaches, where they are gathered by families who sell them to help support themselves. We buy them and decorate this world-traveling seed with positive messages. Our initial offering contains sayings about seeds, gardening, love and miracles.


We love Sea Beans because harvesting them does not harm the environment. They’re not a food source for people or animals. They are lightweight, so they’re inexpensive to ship. They are pretty and they feel great in your hand.