I really can't express how amazing those little stones are — I've been giving them away since 2001! Linda
These stones are a beautiful way to add a smile to your day. Place them into a decorative glass bowl and voila — you have an instant motivational conversation piece. Great pick-me-up! C.M.
You sent me such a terrific selection of colorful stones! They were the most beautiful ones ever! Thank you! Carlabeth
Thanks again for such wonderful products and service. Your company and staff are AWESOME!! Lyndsay
These stones and their message mean very much to me and I know they will touch everyones lives they come in contact with. E.K.
Given to my oncologist who is keeping me a live after a diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer. This was a beautiful way to say how much I care for this man. He teared ip! It's a beautiful piece, perfect. S.G.
Wish I had ordered MORE of these. They totally rock ;) L.F.
Creative, unique, and gorgeous! These glass stones are the perfect gift for any occasion or no occasion at all!! Nicely written and very heartfelt. Debby C
Beautiful is all I can say, love and light and everything I hoped for. S.W.


Snooty the Manatee

Snooty the Manatee lived in the warm waters of the Parker Manatee Aquarium of the South Florida Museum. He was raised in captivity and lived to be 69 years old, possibly the oldest manatee ever. He was beloved by all and his birthday was celebrated every year at the museum. Snooty died tragically due to an accident. We are very honored to have been chosen by the museum to create a memorial sea sto…

In Defense of Hard Work

I am often accused of working too hard. It isn’t that I think that no one can accomplish tasks better than I, or a desperation to make money, I just love what I do. Monday is my favorite day of the week because I can go back to work. I wish everyone had work that they enjoyed so much. The difference in a passionate person and a workaholic is joy. Here are warning signs of workaholism: Y…