Worry Stones

Introducing our Worry Stone Assortment, this assortment includes 15 Amethyst stones and 15 Rose Quartz stones, both known for their calming and soothing properties.

Each stone in the assortment has been carefully printed with words that are linked to the stone's unique properties. These words serve as a gentle reminder to focus on positive affirmations and to channel the healing energies of the stones. Each Amethyst Worry Stone is printed with the words Healing, Protection, Peace, Visualization and Insight while our Rose Quartz Worry stones display the words Love, Protection, Self Esteem, Tranquility and Balance. 

The Worry Stone Assortment comes with a header card and basket which is perfect for creating a display in your store. You can also purchase lower quantities of our Amethyst Worry Stones here, and our Rose Quartz Worry Stones here.