Prayers do get answered, and sometimes they get answered in a very clear and powerful way. A young mom and perpetual entrepreneur prayed for a business that would work for her family and serve Spirit.

On October 27th, 1990 a.m. that prayer was answered with a business plan laid out in a dream. Realizing that this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Kristina Runciman stepped out on faith with no money and little experience in the wholesale gift industry.

The business grew slowly for the first few years, then moved out of the house and into a commercial space in 2000. Damage from hurricanes and a need for more space necessitated a move from Florida to Northeast Tennessee in 2006.

Eight associates and three dogs now occupy a 5,000 square foot building in Kingsport, TN, a beautiful place with a lot of potential.


Our People – In Order of Hire Date

Kristina-Rooster-Color.jpg  Kristina Runciman enjoys being the visionary and the mystic, but most of her time is spent paying the bills, marketing, doing search engine optimization, keeping up with new technology and all the other day to day stuff one does when one owns a business. When she’s not at work, Kristina enjoys her family, especially her two adorable grandbabies. She loves yoga, meditation and creative pursuits, even if that just means trying a new recipe. Kristina is learning about post-materialistic science, and collects synchronicities. 
Tom-truth.jpg  Tom Runciman joined the business full time in 2000. It falls on Tom to deal with plumbing issues, collect accounts receivable and print from time to time. Having a health insurance background, Tom is the one who actually reads the policies and helps the rest of us navigate medical mazes when needed. Tom fills the Amazon orders when we arrive at work in the morning. He loves exploring international radio and TV stations. Tom has rescued two French Bulldogs and would have a Frenchie Sanctuary if he could.
Wes-MarleyStone.jpg  Wes Cuthrell loves a challenge. He jumps in whenever something new comes up. He knows how to do almost everything at Lifeforce Glass. When we got a digital printer and someone had to learn Adobe Illustrator to use it, Wes learned it. Now he’s our artist. When we couldn’t find displays for the magnets, he contracted a metal fabricator to make them and learned how to powdercoat the displays himself. He ships the orders, answers the phone and can do pretty much everything. Wes is really good at woodworking, pool and likes disc golf. He’s devoted to his dog Marley.  
 Levi-cat-dad-opal-sky-blue.jpg Levi York has managed to finesse the art and science of our digital printer. This is a very complex (and expensive) piece of equipment, and keeping this beast happy is no small task. Levi has printed nearly every item we’ve sold or have in inventory since we got the machine in March 2018. He also manages the inventory levels of our glass. Levi is learning to be an electrician. We are proud of him and wish him well, but we’ll be sad when he finishes his program. Levi has rescued and nurtures three beautiful cats. He’s a music lover and keeps the printing room interesting.
 Bryan-Moose.jpg Bryan Kleske has a great memory. It doesn’t seem to matter how long it’s been since we used our engraver, he knows how to run it. He also helps with maintaining the stock levels in the Big Room, if you ordered a prepacked Assortment, chances are Bryan put it together. He can also be found putting 24 packs together for Amazon. A talented musician, Bryan has a beautiful singing voice. He has a very busy social life and dreams of a little more downtime. Bryan is active in his church and has made many lives better with his service to others. 
Amy-you-are-loved.jpg  Amy Hogan has one of the most important jobs at Lifeforce Glass, maybe THE most important. She prepares the stones for printing by washing, rinsing and drying them on a drying bed. This is a crucial function that ensures the ink will adhere to the stones. Amy is also in charge of the production of Sea Stones, which involves sand, water and a cement mixer. When she’s done with washing, she picks and packs orders. Amy is a fantastic baker and often shares with us. Her husband and son are lucky guys.
Sarah-S-Love-Rose.jpg  Sarah Sexton coordinates communication between the printing room and the Big Room, where orders are packed. She oversees the production and flow of orders in and out. Sarah developed an ingenious solution to a problem we had with slippery feet on plaque stands. She keeps an eye on the clearance to keep our inventory levels accurate on the website. Sarah is an adventurous soul, the only one of us who’s lived in China, and she did that totally solo. Now her adventures are limited to local attractions with her husband and son.  
Sarah-C-not-all-who-wander.jpg  Sarah Coleman has become an analyst in our service. It is up to her to determine what, and how much, product to ship to Amazon every few days. This is tricky: too much and we have to pay storage fees, not enough and we lose sales. Amazingly, she rarely errs. She works hard preparing the shipments to the Amazon warehouses. Analysis is not Sarah’s only talent, she draws and plays the piano, too. She shares her life with a sweet little boy and a young dog.