It is often said that wishes and prayers can be answered in mysterious ways, and sometimes those answers can be incredibly clear and powerful. This was certainly the case for the founder of Lifeforce Glass, a young mother and entrepreneur who was searching for a solution to a complicated work and life balance. She desperately wanted to be in control, creating something new that would work for her family while also serving a greater purpose. One night in October 1989, the memory so vivid in her mind she recalls where she was, how the sun was setting in her Florida home…the time was right to start her own company, to take control of her family’s destiny.  

She was determined to create a business that would be focused on spreading positivity, delivering messages of encouragement, goodwill and love. She knew that her products would need to be low cost but highly valued. After weeks of searching for the perfect vehicle for her positive messages, Lifeforce Glass was born.

In the early years, the business grew slowly and was run out of her home, there were periods of self-doubt, a rollercoaster of emotions from one day to the next. Somehow managing to push all that aside, after years of very long hours and a lot of persistence, Lifeforce Glass finally began to grow. Ten years after she started, in 2000 the company had outgrown her home and needed to be moved to a more suitable commercial location. 

Over time, the company faced many challenges, not least of which was damage to the companies building from repeated hurricanes in Florida. This served as a constant cause of stress and anxiety, flooding and roof repairs were common during these years as was the potential of one day losing everything. The company just about survived where many did not when hurricane Katrina struck, it was the last straw. It was time to relocate the company to somewhere safe and warm, they chose Tennessee. 

After 32 years and with small grandchildren to enjoy, she decided it was time to retire. Her hard work, dedication and perseverance had resulted in a wonderful company that was ready for its next chapter. Despite obstacles and odds stacked against her, she persisted and continued to build her business with great success. The company’s products are sold online and through retail partners all across the United States.

Today the company is under new ownership. Christin was already in business, providing specialty printing services to customers on-demand. The business was devasted by Covid-19, almost overnight sales volumes dropped by 90%. Distraught at the prospect of losing the business and her devoted employees, she set upon finding a solution. 

It would take too long to introduce new products to an already crowded marketplace, the company had months and not years to reinvent itself. The expense of developing and launching something new, a product that in the end might not succeed felt overwhelming and risky. The company needed to find an established product that would integrate seamlessly into what was currently offered, with the same core competencies and skills needed for production. These were absolutely unrealistic expectations, the chances of meeting these goals were virtually zero. 

Somehow, by some miracle, fate or just luck, she came across a company for sale with a vague description, ‘Manufacturing Company For Sale’ Not only did this company manufacture their product using the same processes, all of their administration was identical, allowing for a seamless transfer to new ownership with virtually no learning curve. But there was something more, connections that some might consider nonsense or dismiss out of hand. The owner of the business had a grandson named Liam, this is also Christin’s husbands name. She was also a dog lover with two French Bulldogs, Christin has three!

In the summer of 2022 Lifeforce Glass was purchased by Christin Clancy, a lady who mirrors its founder in many ways. Christin is a mother of three small children and lives just north of Boston in Massachusetts. She is driven by her beliefs that ‘doing good delivers good’ and that manufacturing a product for profit should not mean sacrificing your soul. Sustainability, locally made, environmentally conscious decisions and treating people well is the lowest standard the company aims to achieve. 

Christin believes with passion and conviction in the power of words:

“What else do we possess as human beings that in a second has the ability to inspire, motivate, comfort and console? Words can change lives, lift us up when we're feeling down, and bring us closer to one another. Our stones can transport you to another time or place, allowing us to experience moments in time that were long forgotten. 

With every stone, every word we print we have infused wishes of love, good luck and prayers. Our energy and enthusiasm and our passion for the greater good, when combined with your dreams makes every stone a Force for Life.”

There is such belief in what we are producing that this year the team at Lifeforce Glass came up with an idea to do more. We proudly began promoting the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Our packaging provides awareness information as well as the number to call if a person is in need. We provide special free stones to all our retail customers. Printed on the front of these stones is the most important advice Christin ever received….A Problem Shared, is a Problem Halved’

Lifeforce Glass is more than just a company selling glass products. We are a movement dedicated to creating a world filled with positivity and change. By way of our product design, social media presence and charitable giving, we are inspiring people to be kinder, more mindful and more compassionate in their daily lives. Through our wonderful customers delivery of these messages, they are nudging their loved ones in the direction of support, love and hope. 


We hope that you will work with us in spreading these words. 



Our People 

lauren-s-stone.png  Lauren Ryan - Marketing
karl-s-stone.png  Karl Carthy - Marketing
 music-makes-everything-better.png Pete Mulloy - Business Development
 Bryan-Moose.jpg Vanessa Calixto - Process Control Manager
amys-stone.png  Amy Hogan - Sales
fosters-stone.png  Foster Hitchman - Graphics