Prayers do get answered, and sometimes they get answered in a very clear and powerful way. A young mom and perpetual entrepreneur prayed for a business that would work for her family and serve Spirit.

On October 27th, 1990 a.m. that prayer was answered with a business plan laid out in a dream. Realizing that this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Kristina Runciman stepped out on faith with no money and little experience in the wholesale gift industry.

The business grew slowly for the first few years, then moved out of the house and into a commercial space in 2000. Damage from hurricanes and a need for more space necessitated a move from Florida to Northeast Tennessee in 2006.

Lifeforce Glass relocated in the summer of 2022 after it was purchased by The Clancy Group. The business now operates from a printing facility in Winchester, Massachusetts.


Our People 

Kristina-Rooster-Color.jpg  Liam Clancy - Creative Director
Tom-truth.jpg  Lauren Ryan - Marketing
Wes-MarleyStone.jpg  Karl Carthy - Marketing
 Levi-cat-dad-opal-sky-blue.jpg Pete Mulloy - Business Development
 Bryan-Moose.jpg Vanessa Calixto - Process Control Manager
Amy-you-are-loved.jpg  Amy Hogan - Sales
Sarah-S-Love-Rose.jpg  Katie Calhoun - Finance  
Sarah-S-Love-Rose.jpg  Foster Hitchman - Graphics