Planning a corporate event?

Stumped as how to decorate the tables in a way that’s not boring but doesn’t look like a party, either?  


Partner with us to create glass stones that reflect the theme of the conference or meeting. You can include a phrase or your corporate logo, as long as it will fit into a one inch printable area. We will assist with the design at no charge.


There is a minimum of 100 stones for each separate image that you require.

You might want to distribute stones with single qualities such as Creativity, Intuition or Quality. If it’s a word or phrase for which we already have a plate, you will not need to meet the minimum of 100 stones per image.


For larger gatherings, such as conventions, price breaks start at 500 pieces.  

Custom printing is available on glass hearts, bamboo pieces, and glass plaques, too, all of which make great, inexpensive corporate gifts.


Call us at 800-828-3870 or email us at to help you plan for your next event.