Glass Plaques

Our Glass Plaques are a refined and uplifting addition to any home, office, or gift collection. Measuring 3 inches by 6 inches, these plaques come in a spectrum of stunning colors to complement any decor. Each plaque is artfully printed with prayers and inspirational quotes, designed to motivate, console, or celebrate life's special moments.

These plaques are thoughtfully packaged with a sleek, folding black metal easel for easy display and a beautiful gift box, making them perfect for presenting as gifts. Whether you're looking to inspire a friend, decorate a quiet corner of your home, or offer a thoughtful token of appreciation, our glass plaques bring a touch of grace and inspiration.

For those interested in larger orders, we offer wholesale pricing on purchases of twelve or more plaques of any style. This option is ideal for retailers, event planners, or anyone looking to share a message of inspiration on a larger scale.

With their elegant design and meaningful messages, our Glass Plaques are more than just decorations; they are keepsakes that inspire and resonate deeply with all who see them.