Assortments For Resale

Rather than slogging through all of our individual styles, you can select an assortment of glass stones, hearts or any of our other items. They are designed for just about any niche and ordering these will save you considerable time.

The glass stones are divided into two categories for easy navigation: Shiny and Frosted Glass Stones. The Shiny Glass Stones are our classic styles, Focus, Encouragement, Wisdom, Love, etc. The stones are created from translucent and opaque glass. The Frosted Stones are the stones that look like seaglass, the famous Mermaid's Message, environmentally excellent Sea Stones and more.

All of our assortments come with a retail display, unless you don't need one. If you buy three assortments, you get a beautiful wrought iron, three plate displayer for free, a $60 value, unless, of course you don't need it.