A customized memorial glass stone or heart is a touching way to celebrate a loved one’s life.

You can place them on the tables at the reception, or include them in a memorial package.


Your custom piece can include the deceased’s name and dates, a phrase or even just a word. Whatever you choose to put on your stones (considering that the printable area is only one inch in diameter) we will assist you in design.

There is a minimum of 100 stones but there is no plate or set-up charge.

There are many color choices available for the glass stones. The hearts come in white, pink and lilac.

A memorial service is usually planned in haste, and we are sensitive to your need for a quick turnaround. Once the design is approved, we can have your items shipped within three business days.

Memorial work is an important aspect of the work that we do.



Call 800-828-3870 or email us at sales@lifeforceglass.com for more information.