Custom Printing

Creating custom glass stones, hearts, seabeans or inspirational glass plaques is easy with Lifeforce Glass, and there’s no additional plate or set-up charge.

The minimum order requirement is only 100 pieces per image, 12 for the plaques.

Colors and Textures

Glass stones are shiny, and they come in translucent and opaque colors. All of our glass stones are approximately one and a quarter inches in diameter. The default is assorted colors unless you specify colors or a color family. (Please note that red is an expensive color. There is a 10% surcharge for an order of all red stones, unless they are Sea Stones.) We have many colors available and we're sure to have just what you need.

Sea Stones are frosted glass stones. They are the darlings of Lifeforce Glass. We love them because ink can sink into the texture and adherence is great. The translucent ones seem to glow. All of the colors of our shiny glass stones are available in Sea Stones. In both cases, shades of glass tend to vary. If you're a knitter or crocheter, you know about dye lots. This is the same thing.  It's possible that the stones you order this year may be a little different from last year's. It's also possible that the color is no longer available at all.

Now that we've changed to digital printing, you can do color logos and even photographs, so any color of ink you wish is available. Our machine does not do metallics, though.

Seabeans, natural seeds, about an inch and a half in diameter are always a chestnut brown color with slight variations. They do not fit in our new equipment so we pad-print them. You can specify silver or gold ink for them.

Hearts come in white, pink and lilac.

Text & Artwork

If you have a logo or specific artwork, send it to The perfect artwork is an eps file or Adobe Illustrator (ai) format. If you've worked with a professional designer, you can ask them for this. Jpgs and pdfs might work but only if it's a large file, otherwise your image is going to look pixelated (stair-steppy.) Send us what you've got and we'll tell you what we can do. We can lay out  text for you at no charge. If you don't have usable artwork we can still work with what you've got, but we do charge an art fee of $60 an hour. The first 10 minutes are free. 

We can fit a lot of words on a glass stone, but the more words there are, the smaller they have to be. More than 25 words on a glass stone will be too tiny to read. The printable area is only 1 inch.

One more thing: your artwork must be yours. We must be very careful with copyrights and licenses.

How It Works

Once you have sent us your artwork, told us the quantity you want, the material and the colors you want, we'll work up some mock-ups for you to see. Depending on what you're after, we'll offer you at least two layouts. You are welcome to make changes and suggestions. Then we send a final proof and you give us your payment information. We don't charge your card until the order ships (except for art fees.) 

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