Our Glass Hearts are crafted to convey warmth and affection with every thoughtful detail. Available in gentle hues of white, pink, and a transformative lilac, each heart boasts a delicate satiny finish that adds a layer of subtle elegance. These exquisite frosted glass hearts, measuring approximately 1.75 inches across and a quarter of an inch thick, fit beautifully in the hand, providing a comforting weight and smooth texture.

These glass hearts are perfect for a wide range of occasions and recipients—from loved ones facing life's challenges to attendees at conferences or members of congregations. They also serve as meaningful tokens for practitioners and counselors to offer as symbols of support and care. The versatility and emotional resonance of the hearts make them an excellent choice for expressing empathy, encouragement, and love.

Please note there is a minimum order quantity of six hearts, allowing you to mix and match colors to suit various tastes and purposes. Whether used to uplift, console, or simply remind someone they are cherished, these glass hearts are a beautiful gesture that can touch hearts and lift spirits.