In Defense of Hard Work

I am often accused of working too hard. It isn’t that I think that no one can accomplish tasks better than I, or a desperation to make money, I just love what I do. Monday is my favorite day of the week because I can go back to work. I wish everyone had work that they enjoyed so much. The difference in a passionate person and a workaholic is joy. 

Here are warning signs of workaholism:

  • You ignore the people and pets that you love.
  • You can’t delegate responsibilities.
  • You don’t eat right, exercise or maintain a spiritual practice because they take time from work.
  • You gauge your self-worth by the success of your business.

Working long hours because you love it is one thing. Working long hours because you’re afraid to fail is another. 

If you’re not happy, working more hours is not going to fix that.

Hands photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash