In Memory

Not too long ago a woman called us, her speech a little pressured. She needed several Imagine Mermaid Message stones, in a hurry. When she told me why, my heart sank. Her younger brother had passed. His memorial service was in a few days so we needed to rush the order. My customer wanted Imagine stones because her brother loved John Lennon. 

We completed the order, shipped it, and then the lady called us again. The package had not arrived, and there was no wiggle room. Apparently it had been delivered to the wrong house. FedEx customer service was great, the driver's steps were retraced, and by eight o'clock that night, my customer had her stones.

A couple of weeks later I received a package from my customer. It contained a beautiful memory book of pictures and writings about her brother. He was a beautiful man, in body and soul. His sister loved him so dearly. She told me how they used the Imagine stones in the service. She told her guests, "You hold in your hand the happiness of more people than you can Imagine." 

I am honored that we had a small part in celebrating his life.