Sea Stone Expansion

One of the best things that have happened at Lifeforce Glass is discovering Sea Stones. We can transform our shiny glass stones into sea glass stones by recreating the action of the sea, with water and sand. It only takes a couple of hours. We then polish them to bring out the translucence of them. Not only are they really beautiful, now that we've had them for a year and a half it's become apparent that the ink adhesion is better on Sea Stones than on shiny glass. That makes perfect sense, because there's nothing for the ink to grab on to on the shiny surface. 

We're going to expand the selection of Sea Stones, and the titles we choose will be the titles our customers request. We are so confident that the Sea Stones and the ink we use are durable that we're developing a line of Sea Stone keychains. Some of the ladies here have tested them in their purses and they still look great!